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We craft top-tier mobile apps and games for diverse businesses through streamlined communication. Join us on a journey of technological excellence. TeamHandOut is not just a software company, we are your strategic partner in success. Together we make it a success.

TeamHandOut, your premier choice for custom mobile apps, combines years of industry experience with a commitment to seamless convenience. Our seasoned experts specialize in designing high-quality applications, integrating cutting-edge features across iOS and Android platforms. From gaming to e-stores, trust us for top-notch, user-friendly solutions tailored to your unique concepts.

Experience only the best – if you are looking for dignified quality, user-friendly and convenient mobile apps, built around your concepts and ideas – TeamHand0ut

Having worked in the industry for years, we understand how consumer behavior is shifting, especially with respect to mobile devices. We understand the importance of offering convenience at the click of a button and thus illustrate our expertise with our solid and integrated solutions for all mobiles using an amalgamation of augmented reality, user interaction, data syncing, background processing, and the integration of social networks.

Worried your app won't match your vision?

We specialize in turning challenging concepts into reality and our dedicated team of nearly 50 professionals covers the entire mobile app development cycle, ensuring seamless execution, creativity, and excellence.

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Extensive UI/UX Designs

Our team ensures a solid foundation for your app, meticulously navigating from storyboarding and interface sequence pre-visualization to wireframing and mock-up creation.

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Native iOS Development

Our team meticulously guides every step, from storyboarding to mock-up creation, ensuring a robust foundation for your app. Unleash the Power of iOS with us.

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Android App Development

Our seasoned experts specialize in designing apps based on your budget and needs. Redefine the possibilities on the Android platform with us.

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TeamHandOut offers round-the-clock consultation for those who are new in the domain and wish to get an app created from scratch or those who wish to work on an existing application.

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Quality Assurance

Our team is persistent with testing the functionality of applications – this includes ensuring the performance, usability, and responsiveness of the app are up to the mark across all the devices.

Introducing SphereHunt

Welcome to SphereHunt – the innovative app that revolutionizes how you publish and receive reports in real-time, tailored to your location. Experience the power of real-time reporting. SphereHunt allows you to publish your reports and receive updates instantly, precisely where you are. Whether you’re on the move or at a specific location, stay in the loop effortlessly. SphereHunt is available for both Android and iOS globally.


See What’s Going On

SphereHunt is a real time location-based app that helps you to publish your reports and get updates around you instantly.

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Review Nearby Reports

View the number of reports around you. Inbuilt map helps you to check the details of reports around you by a single tap.


Get report updates

Get the complete notifications of your published reports. View your likes, dislikes and comments on your reports.


Location Based Alerts

SphereHunt gives you real time alerts that matter. Get public alerts at your fingertips.


Connect Around You

Connect with local reporters anonymously and engage seamlessly with your customers through our secure chat feature.

Newspaper Icon

Social + News

SphereHunt tells you instantly about everything happening around you in real time. Advanced integrated map helps you to check the reports around you.

News reporter Icon

Be a Reporter

Publish your reports from anywhere. Help the community around you to be aware about incidents, events, and much more.

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Connect Around You

Enjoy the power of real time communication with any reporter around you without sharing your contact info. A seamless link to your customers with our inbuilt chat.

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Advertise Business

Advertise your business and services in an efficient way. Boost your reach in your local zone or around the globe just by a few taps.

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Realtime Alerts

Receive alerts based on your location. Whether it's local news, weather updates, or community announcements, SphereHunt keeps you informed.

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Instant Notifications

Get notified instantly about likes and comments on your reports. Check how others reacted to your reports.

SphereHunt is a straightforward yet powerful real-time location-based app designed for location-based communications and promotional campaigns. Its user-friendly interface allows even non-technical users to effortlessly launch marketing campaigns tailored to specific locations, effectively reaching and engaging the local audience. On top of that, SphereHunt stores all data in an end-to-end data encryption. Learn more about Privacy and Terms of Use in SphereHunt anytime. Users can access 24/7 support and can expect ongoing improvements and new features in SphereHunt’s evolving platform. Start leveraging SphereHunt globally to enhance awareness and connect with potential customers effortlessly.

Consult Us

There is more to our services than just designing, ideating, developing, and quality assurance, we also provide support post-development to ensure your business follows a seamless journey down the line. In case of upgrades or additional features, you can always connect with us and have our team work their magic on your mobile applications.