Joice Perumalil – Changing the way people connect & experience mobile apps through TeamHandOut

Ambition and the drive to start anew are the keys to great success and everyone that dares to dream goes a long way in life. Ambition along with the will to bring about change is the foundation that most successful people build their business or life mantra on. Joice Perumalil is one of those examples.

He is a young and enthusiastic individual who stems from Kottayam, Kerala, located in the southern part of India. His keen interest in visual effects, cinematography, and film editing have paved the way for him to explore his ambitions as a risk-taker which has led him to California, where he founded a company called TeamHandOut.

Situated in San Francisco, in the heart of California, lies the hub of Joice’s startup – TeamHandOut. The brand focuses on the design and development of mobile applications and games for both Android and iOS devices. A recent app that TeamHandOut launched is SphereHunt. 

This application allows users across the world to upload content in the form of reports, news, or listings that can be targeted to a certain location. SphereHunt is your go-to app for instant updates. The app updates you about everything happening around you in real-time. The advanced integrated map helps you to check and explore reports around you using just a few taps. 

The application targets content creators, business owners, and content consumers to communicate, interact and update themselves about things happening around them. The concept behind SphereHunt is simple but effective as you can use SphereHunt for business and run promotional campaigns too. Therefore, you can focus on a specific location at a time and proceed with the marketing campaigns as planned. 

Furthermore, you will be able to get the attention of people in and around a specific location and can create awareness about the products and services you offer. You can go and check out the app in your Google Play Store or Apple Store to understand the features and user experience or you can visit the website for more information. 

Although Joice has ventured into this sphere, his dreams do not stop there. Given his ambitious personality, Joice wants to explore the movie industry, strongly because of the visual effects. In addition to being highly ambitious about cinematography, he also has a keen eye for photography. Joice believes in one thing – bringing about change and implementing his ideas effectively into whatever puts his mind to. So whether it is visual effects, cinematography, or photography, Joice likes to put his skill set and knowledge into everything he ventures into. 

If you would like to know more about Joice, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on his social pages.

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